USMS Registration

USMS Registration Information:

When you become a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS), you also become a member of your Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC). The Michigan LMSC is a regional governing body that provides certain benefits to USMS members on a local level, including printed registration cards, event sanctions, newsletters about activities within the LMSC, websites, awards and recognition, and social activities.

Your Michigan LMSC officers are local volunteers who attend the USMS annual meeting, sit on USMS national committees, and vote on policies that set the overall direction for USMS.

The chart below describes how the Michigan LMSC is organized. Every LMSC in the country is divided into Clubs. The Michigan LMSC currently has 3 distinct Clubs. You designate your club each year when you sign up with USMS.

For those swimmers that do not want to belong to a specific club, each LMSC offers an “Unattached” listing. In the Michigan LMSC, this is listed as “UC19”. Anyone that registers under UC19 is essentially swimming solo.

Note: If you designate yourself as “Unattached” (abbreviated as “UC19” when you register) you cannot swim on any relays at any meet or swim as a part of any club at either an in-state or out of state meet.

The largest Club in the Michigan LMSC is “Michigan Masters”. This is the club that the majority of swimmers in Michigan swim under at the Annual State Meet, USMS Nationals and any International meets.

Each member of the Michigan Masters Club (and only the Michigan Masters Club) can also select which Workout Group or State Meet Team they would like to swim with for the annual Michigan State Meet Championship.

The Workout Group / State Meet Team designation only applies to the Michigan State Championship Meet. At all other events, whether in-state or out of state at a meet, including National or International meets, you will swim for your club: Michigan Masters (MICH). You will designate your club (Michigan Masters (MICH)) when you sign up online with USMS.

You MUST be a current member of USMS and the Michigan Masters Club to designate a Workout Group or State Meet Team.  You do not have to designate a Workout Group or State Meet Team to participate at the State Meet Championship; however, to swim in a Relay, you must designate a Workout Group or State Meet Team. Currently there are 13 workout groups

Swimmers are required to present their USMS membership cards when entering meets, and sometimes when checking in for meets. Consider one or all of these suggestions. Meet directors will appreciate your efforts.
• Print several copies of your card so that you will have enough to mail in with your entries to various meets.
• Use a luggage tag with a transparent window to attach a copy of your card to your swim bag.
• Save a digital copy of your card to your cell phone.

The most convenient and inexpensive way to register for USMS is through their online system, which can be accessed via this USMS Link (CLICK HERE). If you choose to use a Paper Entry (CLICK HERE), you will be charged an additional $5 processing fee.

If you have any questions at all about the Michigan LMSC Clubs and how they work, please ask for help BEFORE you register. Any changes that must be made after you register come with a financial penalty that is charged to the Michigan LMSC.

Any and all questions about the registration process or the State Meet Team designation should be sent to the Michigan LMSC Membership Coordinator:  at [email protected]