2022 Michigan Masters Continuous Loyalty Membership Awards

The Continuous Loyalty Membership Award was introduced at the Michigan LMSC Annual Awards Banquet in 2011. It is given to members that have 5 years or more of continuous membership and attend the annual banquet. The award is given in 5 year increments up to 40 years and is the LMSC’s way of recognizing long term members who renew and support the Michigan LMSC every year.

The rewards range from Michigan Masters branded merchandise for years 5-14 and a cash reimbursement award of $2 for each year of membership after 15 years. You must attend the annual banquet to qualify for the award.

This year’s Continuous Loyalty members were recognized at the 2022 LMSC Annual Banquet at Wayne State University.

The 2022 recipients are:

25 – 41 years – Erik Lokensgard, Ralph Davis, Frank Skip Thompson, and Dennis McManus.

10-14 years – Jim Izzi, Kris Goodrich, Joseph Bryant, Barbara Church, Patrick Weiss, Lisa Hypnar, Jim Stein, Ann Ward, and Chad Steed.

5-9 years – Fares Ksebati, Sallie Bartkowiak, Sarah Bedanrcik, James Nitkiewicz, Veronica Jackson, John Flynn, Douglas Trojanowski, and April Wyncott.

Door Prize Winners:

Fares Ksebati and Veronica Jackson won the raffle door prizes:  “Rowdy Rising: From Rejected to Unrivaled” a book about the life of Olympic swimmer and swimming analyst for TV networks.