April Wyncott Awarded the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award 2022 at the U.S. Masters Swimming Convention in Denver, Colorado

April Wyncott started swimming and volunteering for the Michigan LMSC in 1987 and thru the years relocated to Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and back to Michigan and swam and has given volunteer service to each Club and LMSC for those years.
Congratulations April to a well deserved honor and recognition.
  • In March 2020, when the City of Ann Arbor closed all of their pools and  cases of Covid-19 were rising in Michigan, it was questionable as to whether swimmers could be safe in the pool. USMS Ann Arbor Masters Swimmer, April Wyncott could not accept the thought of closed pools, not swimming, and losing the fitness level and comradery of the group. Using her 30+ years of public health and healthcare administration experience, April left no stone unturned to help impact the health of Ann Arbor Masters Swimming members, reduce the emotional stress and social isolation that came with the statewide lock-downs, and enhance the wellness of the group.
  • From March – June 2020, April spent 2-3 hours a day researching and planning the resurgence of Ann Arbor Masters Swimming. Working for the University of Michigan, Michigan Medicine, and the School of Public Health, April launched into the emerging body of scientific knowledge on Covid-19 and  Covid-19 guidance from USA Swimming.
  • April reached out to Coach Don Swalwell and teammates Sophie Stepke and Jack Coffey to write up the first-ever Ann Arbor Masters Swimming Covid-19 Safety Plan based on CDC and USA Swimming guidance.
  • After that, April registered Ann Arbor Masters Swimming with USMS and MI Masters as a workout group
  • On June 16, 2020, following strict Covid-19 guidelines and lane limitations, thirty-five Ann Arbor Masters Swimming swimmers began swimming outdoors at the Georgetown Country Club pool.
  • April is currently President of Ann Arbor Masters Swimming, Inc. and works to ensure that swimmers remain in the water and maintain a high level of health, wellness and competitive fitness. The group continues to grow and welcomes swimmers of all levels to be part of Ann Arbor Masters Swimming.