Entering for Canadian Nationals

Entering for Canadian Nationals from Corrin Buck your team captain


  1. First go to the website:  2024 SPEEDO CANADIAN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS 
  2. Scroll down to the resources and open the link for the meet information just under the Official form or use the link I created here. 
  3. Then you will read over all the information and go all the way to the appendix A (which seems silly to have to go that far to find the link to enter). This is also confusing because we can’t register as a team so you need to go to the Individual link looks like this….
  4. Individual Swimmer Entries Individual Canadian and Foreign Swimmers may complete their registration using the Swimming Canada meet entry management system HERE. (Here is a link you can use for their form to enter.)   or try this link https://registration.swimming.ca/individualMeetEntry.aspx?sancid=41575 
  5. Once in the form you will need to click the Foreign Swimmers button 
  6. Foreign Swimmers The step-by-step procedure for Foreign swimmers is below.  In order to submit your entries, you will be required to include your foreign federation ID number. This is your USMS membership number and please carefully type it in with all numbers, dash and capital letters if you have them. Use an email that you regularly check as that is where they will send any updates and payment information. Also include your cell number as they will be using texting for updates as well. 
  7. Next click on the Prepare Entries button
  8.  In the form you will enter times and please use SCM times and I put my numbers in like we do with our meets 00:00.00  
  9. Swimmers will be invoiced after the entry deadline, once entries are submitted and approved. Entries must be paid in full to complete the entry process.  All fees must be paid prior to May 17, 2024. Accepted methods of payment through Square include VISA, MASTER CARD and debit. Checks will not be accepted at the meet. 

Here is a step by step they provided for foreign athletes