2022 LMSC Board Candidates


Kris Goodrich

Current Registrar/Membership Coordinator for Michigan LMSC (four years total)

  • Head Coach & CFO, MAC, Inc. (Milford Athletic Club)
  • BS in Kinesiology from The University of Michigan
  • 35 years of coaching swimmers
  • Level 3 USMS certified coach
  • ASCA Level 2 certified coach
  • US Paralympic Level 2 certified coach
  • US Aquatic Sports Delegate for Michigan LMSC
  • 25 years of management experience in the aquatics and fitness industry
  • 12+ articles for USMS Swimmer Magazine and online forums

I started teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding in high school. I attended The University of Michigan where I received a degree in Kinesiology (exercise science) and worked for the university in the summers doing the swimming lessons at the sports day camps.

In 1995 I took a job and ran the swim lesson program at Beverly Hills Racquet Club, where I also started a USS team. In 1998 I moved to The Sports Club of Novi where I ran their Learn to Swim program for 16 years, putting over 2000 kids through our lesson program each year and hopefully onto our USAteam. Now as an assistant coach on the USA team, I work with developmental and national caliber swimmers on a regular basis.

In 2007 I discovered the MAC team and finally gave in and started swimming competitively; I met some friends and wasn’t so bored looking at that black line anymore. I fine-tuned my strokes so they were at the competitive level and started to really be a swimmer. As I became more involved in MAC, I was tapped for first the Middle School swim team at Huron Valley and then eventually the high school girls’ team at Milford High School where Icoached for 8 years.

I stepped up to become an assistant coach of MAC in 2012 as the team began to grow. In 2020 MAC was incorporated and I became one of the owners as well as one of the Head Coaches. The highlight of my swimming career was at the 2016 State Meet when I won the High Points Award for my age group.

When not in or around the pool I enjoy waterskiing, SUP, yoga, reading a good book, and spending time with my husband and dog at our Kentucky house. After raising four kids it’s nice to have a quiet spot to reflect, relax and of course enjoy the time on the lake!

Swimming has been a love of mine since my early childhood.  Working with swimmers of all ages and bringing my background of motor learning and biomechanics into play – it’s wonderful to see when something clicks in a swimmer and the smile they have on their face from learning something new!

The ability to share that has been a blessing in my life.From my youngest on my age group team, to the oldest on my Masters team, each one is a joy to work with and also teaches me more about the sport.

I have enjoyed my role as Membership Coordinator for the past four years and connecting with Masters swimmers in the state of Michigan.

I look forward to continuing my service to the Michigan LMSC. As Vice Chair, I would continue help build, connect, and serve the Michigan LMSC.


Sanctions Officer:

Corrin Buck

I am running for Sanctions Chair  / Top Ten Recorder

I have been a member of our LMSC since 1988 only leaving for a couple of the 34 years.  I have held the office of secretary in the past for about 5 years.  I have been a meet host since 2006, which means I know how meets should be run. I have swum local meets, usually beginning in January, due to coaching HS girls’ season for 26 years. I recently retired, which is why I am interested in giving back to Michigan Masters. I now can attend more meets all during the fall, winter, and summer seasons.  I have been a part of every state meet and being on the board will allow meet to be a part of that planning. Since retiring from my High School coaching, I still wanted to coach which is why when I was asked to be the captain of the National Teams the last 2 national meets and also our up coming meet in Virginia I was delighted.
I hope that if I am elected that we will continue to have our long-standing meets and add a few more. I hope to increase attendance to the meets so that we help our hosts to make it a great fundraiser. I hope to hear from our members on what to change to make our competitive season better. Lastly, I hope to learn from Jim Izzi what it takes to do this job well! I believe that I have the time to dedicate to the position and I have the background necessary to be your next sanctions chair and top 10.


Lisa A. Hypnar

I am seeking election to the position of Secretary. I am currently in this role after the previous secretary resigned in March 2022 and I was appointed as the interim secretary.
I have been a member of USMS since 2012 and an active Michigan swimmer at the local, state and National level.
I have competed for the Michigan LMSC both nationally and internationally over the past 11 years.
I am a retired Physician Assistant with an MBA.


Jim Izzi

Michigan Masters History:
• Michigan Masters Treasurer. 2021-present
• Michigan Masters Sanction Chair. 2016-2021
• Michigan Masters Records/Top Ten Recorder. 2019-2020
• Michigan Masters Webmaster. 2016 – present
• Michigan Masters/USMS Member. 2011-present

Swim History:
• Board Member (COO) of MAC – Milford Athletic Club. 2020 – present
• MAC Swim Team Coach – 2016 – present
• MAC Swim Team Member. 2007-present
• Running Fit/Trex Triathlon Series Triathlon Training Coach, 2019 – present

Business History:
• Small business owner (JT Graphics). 1992-present

• USMS Certified Swim Coach – Levels 1, 2 & 3
• Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED
• Primary Personal Trainer
• Core & Functional Fitness Instructor


Membership Coordinator:

Barb Church

I am interested in running for Michigan Masters Membership Coordinator.  My background in engineering and being a member of the Michigan Masters group for over 15 years has given me the knowledge necessary to do a great job.  My background includes:

  1. Mechanical engineering where I learned computer skills necessary to write technical reports and create presentations
  2. In 2012 ‘til 2021 I was the recording secretary for the Wyandotte Auxiliary which included the following responsibilities
    1. Informed the membership by e-mail the following
      1. Sent out volunteer competencies forms
      2. Sent out financial reports
  • Sent out the Echo (Auxiliary newsletter)
  1. Sent out the meeting minutes
  1. Created a picture presentation at the Award Ceremony and sent it to members by e-mail
  2. Created 8 picture dedications for members who passed away and mailed them to their family
  3. Responsible for putting the Echo together – 6 echo’s per year
  4. 60thanniversary contribution was
    1. Summarizing the Auxiliary History on 4 pages to be put in the cafeteria
    2. Updated the Auxiliary Donation Sheets

Between my position at the Wyandotte Auxiliary, my engineering career and being retired, I have the necessary qualifications and time required for the Membership Coordinator position.  I look forward in serving the Michigan Masters Community.